Custom Pantera Themed Surfboards

Here is the preliminary design, the color of the edge treatment and the car are customized to match your car

as is the Surfboard Serial Number which will be the same as the last 4 digits of your VIN.

The design is not exactly like this for a board shape, the nose will be pointed and the tail will be

Chevron shaped with a hardwood strip to protect the board.  The fins ( 1, 3 or 4, your choice ) will be black.

It is a long board, but a short board is also available.

The price is 1,095 each + Shipping and Insurance, lead time is 4 weeks,

there will be ONE production run in 2010, we need to order 5 boards to make this happen.

The shaper is a 35 year veteran and does excellent work, the wood shown is bamboo veneer 1/32" think, the color

is custom mixed resin, all artwork is hand drawn on rice paper and applied in the lay up process.

A leash will be included.

This board was the inspiration for the Pantera Series.


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